Jan 2013

A lovely interview on Radio Shropshire

Last night (January 13th - the Celtic New Year!) I was fortunate enough to spend an hour in the company of an old friend from the English Folk scene, Genevieve Tudor. Genevieve has a wonderful folk music programme on Radio Shropshire every Sunday night at 6pm, and we had a lovely chat about all things ‘Welsh folky’ and of course the new album, Cymun. Thanks Genevieve for the opportunity to talk about my music on a programme over the border so to speak - diolch!
It was so good to get out to be honest after a rather hermit like period over Christmas and New Year thanks to a particularly nasty bug which got the better of Llywelyn (our youngest son) and me! Whew! Not nice....!
Never mind, we’re on the mend now!
I do hope that most of you had a bug-free holidays.
Also, below I’ve listed the various concerts and projects that I’ll be part of during the next few weeks, just in case you’re interested.
Take care x

February 12: Trac, are organising a project called ’10 in a bus’ during the second week in February. Ten musicians from varied musical background will be travelling the length and breadth of Wales, meeting up with various folk music practitioners, in order to enhance their knowledge of Welsh traditional music. On the 12th I’ll be giving a bit of a talk and singing a few songs for the group.

February 15: Concert in the Welsh College of Music and Drama as part of the International Harp Festival which takes place from the 14-17 of February. Recital starts at 1pm in the foyer of the college.

February 16: Concert with Parti Cut Lloi at the Rugby Club in Dolgellau

March 3: Afternoon concert in the National Botanic Gardens, Carmarthen as part of the Celtic Women concert series. It’ll be at 1 o’clock in the Great Glasshouse.

March 8: Saint David’s concert for the Welsh Society in Abergavenny

April 24: Red Lion Folk Club with Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer