2012 Recordiau Bos - RBOS 022

I have always had a rather fraught relationship with time, and despite my best efforts, I have to admit that it does, all too often, get the better of me! And so, it is with shock and awe that I... read more

The Songs
  1. Ffarwel i Aberystwyth
  2. Nant yr Eira
  3. Os daw fy Nghariad
  4. Dawel Disgyn
  5. Y Plentyn Amddifad
  6. Gweld Sêr
  7. Yr Eneth Glaf
  8. Mae Nghariad i'n Fenws
  9. Er mai cwbwl groes i natur
  10. Y Wasgod
  11. Y Llyn
  12. Cymun
...realise that it is six years since I last released an album, and it really only feels like yesterday when we were rushing to finish Y Ferch o Bedlam ready for Christmas 2005!
They have been busy years, with life offering me many avenues to explore both creatively and emotionally. Thanks to those life experiences, both directly and indirectly, new songs and compositions as well as arrangements of some traditional songs have come into my life. This album is therefore a record of those songs and even though there is’nt a theme as such to the album, what does seem to meander through like a silver thread, is my love of music and its importance in my life.