Birdman - Aderyn Prin
1999 - BBC Records WMSF6007-2

The music on this album was created originally as the soundtrack to a BBC TV series called "Birdman" which followed the work of R.S.P.B. officer Iolo Williams. The BBC liked the music enough to produce this album of it on the BBC Worldwide label. This is by now a rare album.
bel BBC Worldwide.
The Songs
  1. Feel the Morning
  2. Y Gwydd (The Loom)
  3. Birdman
  4. Mabon
  5. Mil Harddach (A Thousand Times More Beautiful)
  6. Set Your Spirit Free
  7. Si Lwli
  8. Gwern
  9. Marwnad yr Ehedydd (The Lark's Elegy)
  10. From Where I Stand
  11. Rhodio (As I Walked)
  12. I Feel
  13. Deryn Du (Backbird)
  14. Si Lwli (reprise)
  15. Ev Chistr 'ta Laou (Breton cider drinking song)
  16. Marwnad yr Ehedydd (reprise)
  17. The Kill
  18. Trafaeliais y Byd (I Travelled the world)
  19. A Bay