Y Ferch o Bedlam
2005 - BOS Records RBOS 006
"The last two years have been invaluable for me in my quest to learn from life's experiences. The songs I sing on this album deal with all the trials and tribulations of life; love and heartbreak, sickness and happiness, birth and death. These songs are a true reflection of our lives on this earth."

The Songs
  1. Paham mae Dei mor hir yn dod?
  2. Dod dy Law
  3. Ar Lan y Môr
  4. Adar Mân y Mynydd
  5. Y Ferch o Bedlam
  6. Ambell i Gân
  7. Beth yw'r haf i mi?
  8. Can Crwtyn y Gwartheg
  9. Ow! Merch wyf i
  10. Y Mab afradlon
  11. Lisa lan
  12. Angau

Y Ferch o Bedlam